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ASSIST Quick Search
Department of Defense standards and specifications, also known as 'mil specs,' are available here in full text .pdf format. Search by word in the title, document ID, document number or FSC (Federal Supply Class).
Sponsored by the Galvin Library at the Illinois Institute of Technology, the Contrails collection includes technical reports and conference proceedings in aerospace and mechanical engineering, materials, ergonomics and other related topic areas.
This official Massachusetts Institute of Technology institutional repository provides access to many of MIT's digital research materials, such as conference papers, technical reports, theses, etc. from its research communities and departments, including the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics. Note: The theses contained in this resource can be viewed by the public but cannot be printed.
DTIC ONLINE: Public Technical Reports
Sponsored by the Defense Technical Information Center, DTIC Online searches publicly accessible information sources and includes report citations and many full-text technical reports.
NACA Archive
Comprehensive collection of full-text NACA publications. The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA, 1915-1958) was the predecessor of NASA. Coverage: 1917 - 1958.
NASA - Management and Policy Documents
This NASA Headquarters Library site provides access to a collection of full-text NASA publications, including budget materials, handbooks, program and annual reports.
NASA History Series Publications
Contains the full text of (mostly) out-of-print NASA documents and books, including NASA SPs and EPs. Search the topical index (broad subject category) or use your browser's "Find" function (Ctrl + f) to locate a specific report.
NASA Technical Reports Server (NTRS)
Indexes a large number of technical reports and conference papers from NACA (predecessor to NASA, 1915-1958), the NASA collection (1958 to the present) and the NIX collection (photos, videos, etc.). Many documents appear in full-text format.
National Transportation Library
Online, full-text documents provided by the Department of Transportation (DOT). Of particular interest are the Aviation (ATC, airports, laws, etc.) and Safety and Security (accidents, human factors, etc.) sections. Browse by subject category or click on Advanced Search to search by keyword.
NATO Science and Technology Organization (RTO/AGARD)
Provides the full text of many technical RTO and AGARD proceedings, reports and papers. Searchable by keyword, author, panel/group, and type of report. Click the "How to download" tab on the right of the screen for an explanation of the download icons.
Electronic books, online journals, audio files, and images are harvested from digital library repositories and made available, often in full-text format.
A directory of academic open access repositories. Click "Search repository contents" to search for academic papers and articles. Includes a global directory of open access repositories.
RAND Published Research
Full-text publications from the RAND Corporation on a wide variety of topics and issues. Browse by topic or use the filter by author or keyword search box.
SciTech Connect
This Department of Energy (DOE) website provides bibliographic citations and some full-text access to DOE research material in areas such as physics, chemistry, engineering, national defense, computer science, renewable energy, and more.
TRAIL (Technical Report Archive & Image Library)
Searchable U.S. government technical reports issued primarily prior to 1976.
U.S. Army Aeromedical Research Laboratory (USAARL)
The USAARL provides aviation medical research support to Army aviation activities. Click on Tech Reports on the right side of the menu bar. For best results, type in a few words from the title of a report in quotation marks. Coverage: 1963 - present.

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