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Aircraft Accidents

Website devoted to accidents, incidents and safety issues worldwide. Boasts the largest accident photo gallery on the web.
Airliner Accident Reports
Browse foreign and domestic accident reports grouped by operator, aircraft, type or phase of flight, country, or contributing factor.
AOPA Accident Analysis
Sponsored by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association, the Accident Analysis page includes a database of NTSB accident reports, interactive accident maps, and a link to the Nall Report.
Aviation Accident Statistics
Statistics provided by the National Transportation Safety Board for Airline, Commuter, and General Aviation accidents. Click on "Aviation Statistics for 2013 (xls file download) for tables depicting hull losses, injury rates, and accident rates since 1994.
Aviation Safety and Security Archives
Click on "Accident Reports" to obtain official reports of worldwide accidents. Browse by accident location, aircraft manufacturer, or by subject.
Aviation Safety Information Analysis and Sharing System (ASIAS)
This site provides links to several databases dealing with aviation incidents, accidents and safety. Click on the 'Data & Information' tab, then choose from the alphabetical list of databases.
Among the list you will find the FAA Accident/Incident Data System (incidents only) and the NTSB Aviation Accident and Incident Data System (both incidents and accidents). Also available are databases such as: Aviation Safety Reporting System (ASRS), Near Midair Collision System (NMACS), NTSB Safety Recommendations to the FAA with FAA Responses, UAS Accident and Incident Preliminary Reports, and World Aircraft Accident Summary (WAAS).
Aviation Safety Network
This Flight Safety Foundation site features news briefs, accident reports, statistics, etc. The Aviation Safety Database lists accidents from 1919 to the present. Click on 'Aviation Safety' for information regarding the safest place to sit on an aircraft, aircraft emergency exit locations and a link to FAA Enforcement reports (fines).
Aviation Safety Reporting System
In the interest of aviation safety, incident reports are voluntarily and confidentially submitted to lessen the chances of aviation accidents. Under "Search ASRS Database," click on "ASRS Database Report Sets" to retrieve 30 categories of reports reflecting such topics as bird strikes, CRM, runway incursions, and more. Callback, the monthly safety magazine, is also provided under the "Publications/Studies" tab.
B3A [Bureau of Aircraft Accidents Archives]
Maintained by an aircraft accident historian, the primary goal is to collect, manage and archive all information relating to aviation accidents worldwide since 1918. Links to archives, pictures, and statistics.
Cockpit Voice Recorder Database
Provides transcripts of select aviation accidents and incidents; includes descriptive information about cockpit voice recorders and flight data recorders.
Commercial Aviation Accidents 1958-2013: a Statistical Analysis (Airbus)
Commercial air transport accidents presented in graphical format. Special feature "Behind the Numbers" seeks to interpret the data within the framework of jet transport evolution.
International Society of Air Safety Investigators GASIG Directory
Provides links to international government accident investigation agencies.
International Society of Air Safety Investigators Guidelines
Guidelines for investigating air traffic services, cabin safety, and human factors aspects of accidents and incidents. Also provides a link to investigator training and education recommendations.
Investigation Process Research Resources (IPRR)
The IPRR has as its mission to advance the state-of-the-art of investigations, through investigation process research. Click on "Library" for books, papers, presentations and standards.
Lessons Learned From Transport Airplane Accidents
An FAA site that features accidents that have had a significant impact on aviation. Accidents are categorized by threat and common themes. The "Accident Overview" section provides links to videos and animations when available.
Nall Report
Published by the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), this annual report presents statistics and commentary on general aviation accidents and safety concerns.
National Transportation Safety Board
This site provides the history, organizational chart, press releases, and the full text of many NTSB accident/safety publications. The Aviation Accident Database provides data from 1962 to the present. The results of the NTSB's major investigations, the Aviation Accident Reports, are available from 1996 to the present in Adobe Acrobat format from the Publications section of the NTSB site. In addition, the Hunt Library has posted the full text of most NTSB documents on the Hunt Library's web site.
An accident database consisting of fatal civil and military accidents. Links include unusual accidents, accident statistics, accidents by airline, and famous deaths.
Statistical Summary of Commercial Jet Airplane Accidents
Produced by Boeing, this statistical survey presents world accident data in a graphical format and includes categories such as phase of flight, airplane type, primary cause, etc.
Transportation Safety Board of Canada
This is the Canadian equivalent of the United States' NTSB. The TSB homepage includes links to their mandate, regulations, safety recommendations, and accident reports and statistics.
World Aircraft Accident Summary
A subset of the World Aircraft Accident Summary (Ref TL 553.5 .W927), this database provides briefs of major domestic and foreign fatal accidents involving jet, turboprop and large piston-engine aircraft and helicopters since 1990.

Aviation Safety

Information on various aspects of air safety: passenger screening, child safety, airline baggage, fear of flying, etc. Click on "Plane Crashes" for subject groupings such as "Crash Rates by Model.".
AOPA Safety Publications
AOPA's Air Safety Institute provides publications dealing with weather, icing, fuel, spatial disorientation and other safety subjects.
Bird Strike Committee USA
This group collects and analyzes wildlife strike data. 'Links' will lead to strike statistics and other data/reports of interest.
Bureau of Labor Statistics: Occupational Injuries/Illnesses and Fatal Injuries Profiles
Select "case and demographic numbers," then respond to the prompts until desired profile is attained.
Center for Aviation and Wildlife
General information on bird strikes and other wildlife hazards at airports, focusing on control, research and development. Links provide access to manuals, statistics, FAA Certalerts and Advisory Circulars, with training opportunities listed.
Federal Aviation Administration Fire Safety
Provides background information, reports, and conference papers on commercial aircraft fire safety research. Click on the tabs to access information on the Fire and Cabin Safety and Fire Resistant Materials programs, conference papers, and reports searchable by report number, title, author or keyword
News, videos and resources relating to the prevention of foreign object damage. Click on "FOD Resources" for links to reports, regulatory guidelines and professional associations concerned with this safety hazard.
Global Aviation Safety Network (GAIN)
GAIN is a 'coalition of... aviation organizations formed to promote and facilitate the voluntary collection and sharing of safety information...' (website). Links are provided to safety reports such as Operator's Flight Safety Handbook and Cabin Safety Compendium.
Ground Accident Prevention (GAP)
Launched by the Flight Safety Foundation in 2003, GAP works to eliminate airport ramp accidents and incidents. Links to a ground accident prevention cost model, ramp safety procedures, and several "best practices" towing videos. Best viewed using Chrome or Firefox.
Historical Aircraft Accident Reports (1934-1965)
Accidents listed by year. You may search by keyword, accident date, carrier and/or location by clicking on the search button.
ICAO Runway Safety Site
Articles and reports related to runway safety, including Runway Excursion Statistics.
International Helicopter Safety Team
An organization of government and industry leaders using accident analysis to address the international civil helicopter accident rate. Under "Resources," Fact Sheets contain useful statistics by industry and activity.
ISAGO Standards Manual (IATA)
The third edition of the IATA Safety Audit of Ground Operations manual is used to assess safety management for organizations providing ground handling services to the airlines.
Laser Safety Initiative
This FAA site discusses laser hazards, laws and penalties for misuse. Links are provided to case studies, current laws and penalties associated with misuse, and regulatory information regarding laser light shows.
Maintained by the former Presiident of the International Laser Display Association, this site provides tips for safe laser use, identification of pilot and aircraft hazards, and information on legal ramifications.
NTSB Opinions & Orders
Search for and receive the full text of NTSB Decisions from 1992 to the present. The Hunt Library owns earlier Decisions from 1967 to 1981 in microfiche and from 1982 to 1991 in the Research collection.
NTSB Youtube Channel
View press briefings, safety videos, accident animations and accident report companion videos.
Office of Runway Safety
Sponsored by the FAA, this site promotes runway safety through the publication of full text reports, conference papers, and other items dealing with runway incursions. Safety is viewed from the perspectives of the pilot, ATC personnel and ground workers. Choose "Statistics" from the left menu to view incursion totals, or view runway safety-related information under "Publications."
Pilot Safety Brochures
Full-text brochures dealing with human factors published by the FAA's Civil Aerospace Medical Institute.
Radiobiology Research Team [FAA]
FAA-sponsored site concerning the effects of radiation hazards in aviation.
Safety [Helicopter Association International]
Choose Safety Statistics from the left menu to obtain quarterly U.S. civil helicopter accident statistics from 2005.
Safety Analysis and Research
This department within the European Aviation Safety Agency provides standardized certification and approval of safety products and services, and coordinates aviation accident investigation safety recommendations. Provides links to various research, notably the Annual Safety Review.
Safety Management (ICAO)
The International Civil Aviation Organization provides links to standards, recommended practices, and other safety management information. Click on "Annex 19" for a discussion of the new Safety Management annex.
Developed by Eurocontrol, ICAO, Flight Safety Foundation and U.K. Flight Safety Committee, Skybrary is a comprehensive source for aviation safety knowledge, including human performance concerns, safety regulations and operational issues.
White House Commission on Aviation Safety and Security Final Report (Gore Commission)
A 1997 study, with recommendations, concerning the safety and security of the air transportation system.

Military Accidents

AAIR Air Force Accident Reports Search
Historical repository of USAAF and USAF accident reports from 1918 to 1955.
Air Force Magazine Aircraft Accident Reports
Air Force mishap reports, including remotely piloted aircraft, from 2011 to present.
Air Force Safety Center
Click on the statistics choices on the right of the screen. (May only be accessible from the US military computer network.)
Army Statistics & Reports
Links are provided to "Other Military Services" at the bottom of the page.
CMC Safety Division (U.S. Marines)
Under "Quick Links," click on the desired type of statistics. Links to data tables covering prior years are available from the resulting pages.
Department of Defense's Accident Investigation Manual
Accident investigation, reporting, and record keeping.
Naval Flight Surgeon's Pocket Reference to Aircraft Mishap Investigation
Intended as a ready reference field guide for naval aircraft mishap investigators. Includes the Department of Defense Human Factors Analysis and Classification System.
Naval Safety Center
Click on "Statistics" on the right, then choose a category from the options provided.
United States Air Force Class A Aerospace Mishaps
Accident Investigation Board (AIB) reports provided for U.S. Air Force mishaps from 2000-present.

Safety Management

AC 120-92A: Safety Management Systems for Aviation Service Providers
Issued by the FAA in 2010, this Advisory Circular "applies to both certificated and non-certificated aviation service providers (and organizations) that desire to develop and implement an SMS."
Aviation Safety: Safety Management Systems
The FAA offers detailed information on the basis, components and regulations of SMS. Guidance is offered for MROs, Airports, and other components of the aviation industry.
Integrated Safety Management Section
This ICAO site provides standards, training and guidance materials in safety management, such as the Safety Management Manual

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