Aviation Regulations and FAA Information

Aviation Regulations

Airworthiness Directives
Searchable database of the Airworthiness Directives issued by the FAA. Current, historical and cancelled ADs are included.
Canadian Aviation Regulations
Canadian Aviation Regulations from Transport Canada.
Compilation of Selected Aviation Laws (DOT)
From the Department of Transportation, this site provides a compilation of selected aviation laws. The document is available in PDF format, click on Compilation of Aviation Laws to download.
Federal Aviation Regulations
This site provides access to Parts 1-199 of Title 14 (Aeronautics and Space) of the Code of Federal Regulations. Browse by specific Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) part or search by keyword.
Federal Register
Available from the Government Printing Office.
International Aviation Authorities
ICAO's listing of international civil aviation authorities and organizations.
Joint Aviation Requirements
JARs are available from the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA, an associated body of the European Civil Aviation Conference - ECAC). Other JAA documents are available from the Hunt Library.
Notices of Proposed Rulemaking
A listing of proposed rules available from the Federal Register. Use the Find box at the top of the page to search for specific rules.
Notices to Airmen
Available from FAA's PilotWeb.
Office of International Aviation
Provides information on international aviation transportation policy. This site from the Department of Transportation (DOT) includes bilateral, multilateral and open skies agreements and details on licensing of foreign and U.S. air carriers. Various reports and statistics including the U.S. International Air Passenger and Freight Statistics report are available.

FAA Information

Advisory Circulars
Fulltext current and historical ACs. Choose from a list of AC or FAR part numbers or search by keyword.
Aeronautical Information Manual (AIM)
One of several publications available as part of the Air Traffic Publications Library. Other documents include the Air Traffic Bulletin Collection, FAA Order 7110.65, Air Traffic Control, and the International Flight Information Manual.
Aviation Data & Statistics [FAA]
Links to statistical documents such as US Civil Airmen Statistics, Aviation Forecasts, and Airline On-Time Statistics. Be sure to click on the tabs at the top of the screen (Aircraft, Airports & Air Traffic, etc.) to view other useful documents.
FAA Administrator's Fact Book
The Fact Book provides data on accidents and accident rates, incidents, hijackings, ATC activity, airspace system delays, aircraft and general aviation activity, commercial space statistics and a commercial launch schedule. An organizational chart and office addresses for the FAA are included. Reports are provided in Adobe Acrobat format. Issues available from 2001-2012. Print copies are available in the Reference area of Hunt Library (Ref. HE 9777 .U585).
FAA Aviation Forecasts
This site contains the Federal Aviation Administration forecasts of aviation activity at FAA facilities. Links include previous aviation forecasts as well as long-range aerospace forecasts.
Forms [FAA]
Forms available include: Employment applications, Medical, Airmen Certification and Aircraft Registration.
Handbooks and Manuals [FAA]
Handbooks and manuals that are approved by the FAA. Titles included are Airplane Flying Handbook, Aeronautical Information Manual and the Flight Standards Information Management System (FSIMS).
Master Minimum Equipment Lists
MMELs for airplanes, lighter-than-air and rotorcraft.
Online Digital Special Collections [Department of Transportation]
Digitized historical collections include Civil Aeronautical Manuals, Civil Air Regulations, superseded Advisory Circulars, and historical Federal Aviation Regulations.
Orders and Notices [FAA]
Current Orders and Notices from the FAA. Browse by topic or search for specific documents.
Regulatory and Guidance Library [FAA]
Provides 'regulatory, guidance and aviation product information' through links to various databases such as FARs (current and historical), NPRMs, TCDS, ADs, Orders, etc.
Supplemental Type Certificates
FAA's database of Supplemental Type Certificates. Search by STC number, make and product type. Also included is a link to the Aircraft Certification Homepage.
Technical Standard Orders
The FAA's database of current, historical, proposed and canceled Technical Standard Orders.
Type Certificate Data Sheets
Database of the FAA's Type Certificate Data Sheets. Searchable by make, TCDS Number and product type. Also search for the revision history of TCDS.

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