Q: When I try to open PDF files I've gotten through Web Document Delivery, Adobe Acrobat opens, but I only get blank pages.

A: The fact that you are getting only blank pages may be due to the way your web browser (Internet Explorer) is set up to open PDF files. Try the following steps to correct the problem:

  • Make sure you have the current version of Adobe Reader. You can download and then install the free Adobe Reader and follow the instructions. For online assistance, consult Adobe Reader Help.
  • Open up the Adobe Reader. The Reader may open when you click on the files.
  • If it does not open, you can open it separately. From the top menu in the Adobe Reader (not your web browser), click on "Edit," move down to "Preferences," then select "General."
  • On the lower right-hand side, make sure that "Web browser integration," is NOT checked. Then click on "OK." Now try opening the files again.

If you still get blank pages, please contact Worldwide Research Services at 800-678-9428 (United States) or 386-226-7656 (International) (M-F 8am-5pm ET) or email us at library@erau.edu and we will help you.

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