FAQs: All Questions, A-Z

Items in bold are popular questions.

  1. Are laptop computers available for checkout?
  2. Are there any other places I can look for information on my topic besides the databases and the online catalog?
  3. Are there any restrictions on materials that will be sent to me through ILL?
  4. Are there wireless sensors in the library so I can access the Internet with my laptop computer?
  5. As a Worldwide patron, how do I request books and other materials that I find in the Voyager catalog ?
  6. As a Worldwide student, faculty or staff, can I have books provided to me electronically?
  7. Can anyone use the study rooms or are they only available to ERAU students?
  8. Can ERAU clubs and organizations check out media equipment?
  9. Can I renew my library books online?
  10. Can I access the P (formerly F) and the S (formerly G) drives from the Hunt Library public computers?
  11. Can I ask a research question using chat or instant message software?
  12. Can I check out magazines, journals, and other periodicals?
  13. Can I check out Reference books?
  14. Can I find specific titles and topics?
  15. Can I get research help even if I do not attend Embry-Riddle?
  16. Can I make photocopies in the library?
  17. Can I order dissertations/theses through ILL?
  18. Can I print from my laptop or iPad in the Hunt Library?
  19. Can I renew the materials if I need them longer?
  20. Can I request textbooks to be used during a semester from ILL?
  21. Can I submit ILL requests for a faculty member?
  22. Can I use EAGLEsearch to do all of my research?
  23. Can I use more than one email address for Web Document Delivery?
  24. Can I use my Student ID number and PIN to access the databases?
  25. Can the library help me locate the information I need to write my paper?
  26. Can Voyager help me find videos on my topic?
  27. Can Worldwide students check out Special Collection materials?
  28. Can you send items to an overseas APO/FPO address?
  29. Do I have to pay for an ILL item if I lose or damage it?
  30. Do I need a password or barcode number to search for books, videos, and other items in Voyager, the online catalog?
  31. Do I need a password or barcode number to search for items in Voyager, the online catalog, or to check out materials?
  32. Do I need a password to view the documents I receive through Web Document Delivery?
  33. Do I need to locate a library that owns the material I need before I request it through ILL?
  34. Do you have copies of all the textbooks on reserve?
  35. Do you have media items, such as DVDs, available for check out to Worldwide patrons?
  36. Do you have software available for checkout?
  37. Does the library have a mobile website?
  38. Does the library have photocopy machines?
  39. Does the library have software available for check out?
  40. Does the library have textbooks for Worldwide students to check out?
  41. Does the library offer any citation software such as RefWorks, EndNote, or ProCite?
  42. EAGLEsearch or Voyager indicates that the Hunt Library owns the book I need, but I can't find it on the shelves. What should I do?
  43. Even though I am a Worldwide student, faculty or staff, can I come to the library to check out books and other materials?
  44. How are ILL articles delivered to Daytona Beach patrons?
  45. How are ILL articles delivered to Worldwide patrons?
  46. How can I contact a research librarian?
  47. How can I find out if a particular journal is peer-reviewed or refereed?
  48. How can I get a copy of my certificate?
  49. How can I get a list of all videos in the library?
  50. How can I renew materials and for how long?
  51. How can I scan a document?
  52. How can I use the library's video editing stations?
  53. How do I access the Databases?
  54. How do I donate materials to the library?
  55. How do I download the library's videos onto my iPod or Zune?
  56. How do I find an ERAU thesis using Voyager?
  57. How do I find course reserves?
  58. How do I find material on my topic?
  59. How do I find out what books the Hunt Library has?
  60. How do I get access to Films On Demand?
  61. How do I get an ERNIE username and password so I can log into the Databases?
  62. How do I get my thesis bound?
  63. How do I get the full-text of the articles that I found in my database search?
  64. How do I know which database to use?
  65. How do I locate my Student ID number?
  66. How do I recommend new materials for the library?
  67. How do I report a problem with EAGLEsearch?
  68. How do I report a problem with the online resources or the collection?
  69. How do I request a renewal for my Interlibrary Loan book?
  70. How do I request an in-process item?
  71. How do I request books from the library?
  72. How do I request media materials?
  73. How do I return the materials once I've finished using them?
  74. How do I search for just Hunt Library books?
  75. How do I search for videos?
  76. How does the Hunt Library determine what materials will be purchased?
  77. How does the ILL department find the materials?
  78. How far in advance can I request media equipment?
  79. How is Web Document Delivery done?
  80. How long can I keep a GoPro Camera and what accessories are provided?
  81. How long does it take to get a response after I email the library with my book request?
  82. How long does it take to receive items I have requested?
  83. How long may I check out each item?
  84. How long may I keep each item?
  85. How long may I keep the borrowed items?
  86. How long will it take for my articles to get posted via Web Document Delivery?
  87. How long will my articles remain posted in Web Document Delivery?
  88. How many books may I check out?
  89. How many items may I check out?
  90. How much are overdue fines?
  91. How will EAGLEsearch help me with my research?
  92. How will I know when my ILL materials come in?
  93. How will I know when my ILL materials come in?
  94. How will I receive the items I've requested?
  95. I am having trouble searching the databases. I either pull up hundreds of citations or almost no citations at all. How can I improve my search?
  96. I am not a current student, staff or faculty, but I am working with a current Embry-Riddle affiliate. Can I get access to your electronic databases, like ProQuest or Aerospace and High Technology Database?
  97. I can't get the Web Databases and Periodical Indexes to work. What should I do?
  98. I cannot download my documents from the "Documents from Hunt Library" email that I received from Web Document Delivery. What could be the problem?
  99. I cannot find any GRPs/GCPs in Voyager.
  100. I completed the Library Basic Training course, but my certificate was not emailed to me.
  101. I didn't realize pop-ups weren't enabled in my browser so my certificate didn't appear and I didn't receive one through my email. What can I do?
  102. I found a book in EAGLEsearch or Voyager, but it has no call number. It says "No Data Available--Ask at the Research Desk" What does this mean?
  103. I found an article citation in EAGLEsearch, but it didn't take me to full text. How do I get the article?
  104. I'm trying to download citations from ProQuest to RefWorks, but RefWorks won't let me log in because it needs a Group Code. Do I really need a Group Code?
  105. I'm trying to use Write-N-Cite to include RefWorks citations in my paper, but it's asking for a Group Code or just not working. What should I do?
  106. May I check out periodicals?
  107. May I check out Reference materials?
  108. May I take Special Collection materials out of the library?
  109. RefWorks is asking for a Group Code. Can someone give me a Group Code?
  110. What are the basic set-up requirements for Library Basic Training?
  111. What are the book labels on the front of the book I received from ILL?
  112. What are the library hours?
  113. What do I do if I forget my Interlibrary Loan account password?
  114. What happens if I lose library material?
  115. What happens if I lose library material?
  116. What hardware/software is needed to access documents posted through Web Document Delivery (WDD)?
  117. What if the library doesn't own the book(s) I need?
  118. What is a call number?
  119. What is a peer-reviewed or refereed journal?
  120. What is Films On Demand?
  121. What is the "Need Before Date" section of the ILL form?
  122. What is the difference between Worldwide Reference services and Interlibrary Loan services?
  123. What is the overdue policy on ILL materials?
  124. What is Web Document Delivery?
  125. What sort of copyright rules do I need to follow regarding Electronic Reserves?
  126. What type of media equipment can be checked out?
  127. What video materials are available?
  128. What will I find in EAGLEsearch?
  129. When I try to open PDF files I've gotten through Web Document Delivery, Adobe Acrobat opens, but I only get blank pages.
  130. When I try to view full text in AccessEngineering via my Mac, the text becomes cut off. How can I view the whole text?
  131. When I type the search terms in the search box during the live search portion of Library Basic Training, nothing happens.
  132. When is the Research Desk open?
  133. Where can I find a 3.5" floppy drive?
  134. Where do I find a particular call number within the library?
  135. Where do I return ILL materials?
  136. Where is the ILL Request form?
  137. Who can check out media equipment?
  138. Who can request videos?
  139. Who can use the public computers near the Research area?
  140. Why am I not receiving the "Documents from Hunt Library" emails from Web Document Delivery?
  141. Why can't Worldwide patrons order books through Interlibrary Loan?
  142. Why can't you ship items to a Post Office box?
  143. Why do I set off the library security alarm when I don't have any library material? What should I do when the alarm goes off?
  144. Will the ILL Department fill in-house (Hunt Library-owned) requests?
  145. Will the Interlibrary Loan Department fill in-house (Hunt Library-owned) requests for Worldwide patrons?

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